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Kura (Gerswalde, Brandenburg, Germany)

“I perceive rural areas as sites that create desirable ways of living, working and producing.” – Max, rural practice program

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Ritter – Renovation of an office space  (Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany)

“A central component of our work is developing qualitative narratives for building in rural areas.” – Anna, architect

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Eden Workshop (Oranienburg, Brandenburg, Germany)

“The concentration of global capital in growing, urbanised areas makes cities more expensive and less attractive — more people are seeking a simpler lifestyle in smaller communities.” – Felix, architect and cider

Four Seasons (Photo Collection with Zara Pfeifer)

“The paradigm of the city as the only creative environment has broken down. The countryside is again a space of potential, offering affordable land and a proximity to modes of production that sustain life.” – Charlotte, team member

Four Seasons (Photo Collection with Zara Pfeifer)

“How is care being implemented in the countryside, where there is not enough population density for investments in public infrastructure?” – Kerstin, urbanist