Atelier Fanelsa

is an international team of architects based in Berlin and Gerswalde. The studio investigates contemporary forms of working, living and commoning in the countryside, the periphery, and the city. We realise private projects, public buildings, exhibitions, and workshops. Within these formats we develop innovative and qualitative answers to questions and conditions of today’s society.

Bergfriedstraße 17
10969 Berlin

Lindenplatz 4
17268 Gerswalde



Niklas Fanelsa, Anna Wulf, Nicolas Herre, João Cunha, Albert Tschechne, Erica Venturini, Silvia Scandola


Patterns of Rural Commoning, Québec/Canada, Brandenburg/Germany, Jun.–Sep. 2020. Canadian Center for Architecture

Wiesenhäuser, Zehdenick, Germany, Jul. 2020. In cooperation with Das Blaue Pferd, With Patrick Eicke.

Großer Garten Ensemble – Architecture Summer Camp, Gerswalde, Germany, Aug. 2020. In cooperation with Dorfmitte Productions e.V., With ConstructLab

Baukunst und Gemeinschaffen – Architecture Summer Camp, Oderbruch, Germany, Aug. 2019. In cooperation with Oderbruchmuseum Altranft of, With lö

Para-Urban Ecotones, Berlin, Germany, Sep. 2017.
Part of the No-Image Workshop Series, C: Generic Objects.

Khotachiwadi Imaginaries, Mumbai, India, Jan. 2016.
With Marius Helten, Leonard Wertgen, Jens Franke, and Urbz Mumbai.

Atlas of Ahmedabad, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India, Sep. 2016.
With Marius Helten, Leonard Wertgen, and Jens Franke.


Ecotones of Making, in: The Library, Oslo Architecture Triennale, Oslo, Norway, Sep. 2019. With lö

Weiterbauen – Orte neuer ländlicher Gemeinschaft, lö, Gerswalde, Germany, Sep. 2018.

Garden Houses, in: Baugrund, cur. Francisca Zólyom, BAUGRUND: Nutzungskonzepte für den GfZK-Garten, Leipzig, Germany, Jul. 2018.

Ahmedabad, in: Architectural Ethnography: Guidebooks and Projects on Livelihood, cur. Momoyo Kaijima, The Japan Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia 2018, Venice, Italy. With Marius Helten, Leonard Wertgen, Björn Martenson.

Beyond Economic Constraints, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg, Germany, May 2016. With Jens Franke, Marius Helten, Leonard Wertgen.

Architecture Reading Aid, Columbia GSAPP– Studio-X Mumbai, Mumbai, India, Jan. 2016. With Marius Helten, Leonard Wertgen, Björn Martenson, Jens Franke.


Spontaneous Lecture, 2016 – ongoing.
Fala Atelier, Porto, Flora, Buenos Aires,  ondesign, Yokohama

Some Notes, 2016 – ongoing.
A series of talks on architecture, craft, and cultural praxis in the transfer between Germany and other countries. Moderated by Yuma Shinohara, organized with Henrike Rabe, Manuel Birnbacher, and Irene Beyer.

Soft City, Jun. 2017.
A roundtable discussion with Christopher Dell, Titus Spree, Katsuhito Nakazato, Stefan Canham, and Benjamin Förster-Baldenius. With place/making.

Urban Commons, Mar. 2017.
A roundtable discussion with on/off, Simon Wöhr, Fuminori Nousaku, and Mio Tsuneyama. With Yuma Shinohara.


Architecture Reading Aid: Tokyo
Berlin: Ruby Press, 2020. With Marius Helten, Leonard Wertgen.

Architecture Reading Aid: Ahmedabad
Berlin: Ruby Press, 2016. With Marius Helten, Björn Martenson, Leonard Wertgen.

Articles, Interviews

Ahmedabad, in Architectural Ethnography – Japanese Pavilion Venice Biennale 2018, ed. Kaijima Stalder Iseki (Tokyo: TOTO, 2018). With Marius Helten, Björn Martenson, Leonard Wertgen.

Garden Archipelago Rollwagen, in Co-machines: Mobile Disruptive Architecture, ed. On/Off, (Berlin: On/Off Guerrilla Printing Press, 2018). With place/making.

Atelier Fanelsa, Carnets Magazine, IUAV Venice, Dec. 2017.

Ibasho wo meguru mono, hito, kenchiku no sо̄gosei, Shinkenchiku, Jan. 2017. With Yoshiharu Tsukamoto.

Pohle, in: What’s in the Making: Architecture with Architects, ed. Kay Brugmans (Amsterdam, Otherwhere Publishers, 2017).

Signboard Machiya, in Tokyo Totem: A Guide to Tokyo, ed. Monnik (Tokyo: Flick Studio, 2015).


Coming of Age, Carnets Magazine, IUAV University, Venice, Italy, May 2018.

Possible Directions, Roundtable Talk Series, TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany, Nov. 2017.

In Conversation: June14 and Atelier Fanelsa, Lecture, No Image Summer School, Berlin, Germany, Oct. 2017.

Collective Housing and Urban Commons, Discussion, Goethe-Institut, Tokyo, Japan, Sep. 2017. With Verena von Beckerath, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Chie Konno.

Darstellungsformen räumlicher Praxis, Lecture, Hidden Lines of Space, Kunstverein am Rosa–Luxemburg–Platz, Berlin, Germany, Jul 2017.

Balkrishna Doshi in Ahmedabad, Biographies of Modernity, CLB, Berlin, Germany, Jun. 2017. With Jens Franke, Marius Helten, Leonard Wertgen.

Pattern of Communality, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 2016.

Braila Laboratory, Roundtable Discussion, National Museum of Modern Art, Bucharest, Romania Jul. 2016.
Organized by the Ion Mincu University Bucharest and BAS Bergen. With David Bauer.


Victoria Liotier, Jenny Lund, Guilherme Gaspar, Matilda Rex, Canan Öztekin, Sebastian Labis, Elsa Lherm Delorme, Aloys Mützenberg, Ayaka Ishikawa, Magdalena Cwik, Sophia Trumpp, Eva Eckert, Lucas Bastos Vieira, Simon Pruvost, Lina Aakerøy, Ernst Schubert, David Bauer, Diana Köhler, Hugo Soucaze, Sai Chawalitanont, Lisa Göthling, Mari Takahashi, José Amado, Elliott Andrew, Dörte Böschemeyer, Ginevra Marsiello, Saori Toyoshima, Carlos Schütz


If you are interested in our Atelier and would like to join us, we are looking forward to your application. Please send a specific motivation letter and portfolio by mail to, or as hard-copy via post. We will contact you, when we have open positions. Please understand, we can not come back to all applications.


Atelier Fanelsa


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